Family STOCK
Innerberg 460
A - 6292 Finkenberg
Tel/Fax: +43 5285 62111
Mobile: +43 664 4053492

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Welcome to the Krapfenhof in Finkenberg

This is where your holiday in Zillertal starts!

Everything begins with a first step.
It is wonderful that your first step has taken you to us,
and even better that if you stay on this path,
we may welcome you with a smile, we may be able to meet you.

We're delighted that you are here!
We are thrilled to welcome each and every
guest, to get to know you and accompany
you on part of your journey through life.

„Everyone is different,
one must allow others to be different.“
Whilst here with us you have the luxury of time,
time to sit and take a closer look at things ...

... and if you like, you can experience nature with
all your senses (smell, taste, see, hear, feel) enjoy;
learn and practice deep relaxation;
be active with body, mind and soul,
whilst embarking on a journey to discover your your inner-self.